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Please use the form below. But first, read the FAQ, many common questions are answered there.

  General FAQs  

If I purchase a project how do I get the latest updates?

The email you were sent after purchasing contains a link to download the project. That link will always point to the latest version - so you can download again using that same link to stay up to date. To be notified about updates please sign up to the mailing list (above, right).

How long does it take to receive the download URL after purchasing?

An automated email is sent to the email address you entered when purchasing, and usually this email will arrive within a few seconds. However some email providers (notably, Gmail and Yahoo) are strict with automated emails, and the email may not be shown in your inbox - if you can't find the email check your junk/spam folder.

What are the terms of use for products purchased from CodeStore?

  • You may use the project(s) to publish multiple apps - these apps must either be your own work, or that of a single author who has authorised you to build an app on their behalf. If you wish to publish the work of multiple authors you must re-purchase the appropriate project for each additional author whose work you are publishing.
  • You may sell your app at any price, but you must not sell or redistribute the source code.
  • You may alter the source code in any way you wish to add or remove features.

  Frequently Asked Questions iOS  

What do I need to create an app using these projects?

You will need:

  • Mac OS X 10.9 or above
  • Xcode with iOS 7.x SDK or above (Download free via Mac App Store)
  • Software to create the content for your app - image editing software that can create JPG and PNG files. And audio editing software that can create MP3 files.
  • To sell your app on the App Store you will also need to pay Apple's developer fee of $99/year. This payment allows you to sell as many apps as you like for a period of one year, to continue selling those apps after one year you must renew your membership with Apple.

Why should I publish my book on the App Store rather than the iBookstore?

There's a number of advantages, both big and small, to being on the App Store rather than the iBookstore:

1) No ISBN number is required, this will save you much time and money.
2) You don't require a book publishing deal. Currently there are only a few countries where you can publish to the iBookstore as an individual author - but there are many more countries where you can publish to the App Store as an individual.
3) Royalties - Apple pay 70% on app sales, and only 60% on iBook sales. If your published an iBook through a publishing company you would also lose a percentage to them.
4) Perhaps the most important - The App Store is much more popular, iPhone and iPad owners will regularly browse the App Store, but only occasionally browse the iBookstore.

How do I submit my app for sale on the App Store?

All App Store submissions are processed by Apple - once you have registered as an iOS developer, you can submit as many apps as you like. To prepare your app to upload to Apple, follow the instructions Apple provide on the iOS Dev Center website. If you need any help uploading your app then you can contact Apple - tech support is included with your iOS developer membership.

Why does the "Share via Email" feature not work in the iOS Simulator?

The iOS Simulator does not contain a full mail client, you are able to compose mail, but the mail will not be sent. When your app is run on a real iPhone or iPad, mail will be sent with the user's default email account.

Why does the "Share via Email" feature say "Sent from my iPhone" even on the iPad Simulator?

The iOS Simulator shares the same settings across the iPhone and iPad Simulator modes. Regardless of whether you are Simulating iPad or iPhone, the email signature will always read "Sent from my iPhone". On a real device this will not happen.

If I purchase a project how do I get the latest updates?

The email you were sent after purchasing contains a link to download the project. That link will always point to the latest version - so you can download again using that same link to stay up to date. To be notified about updates please sign up to the mailing list.

If your question is not listed above, and is specific to one of the CodeStore projects then see the PDF documentation for that project.


"Like the others writing about Chris, I have become quite a fan of his work. His system enables everyone the opportunity to jump into the iPad-app arena with little or no iOS programming experience. On top of that, he is SO HELPFUL when you have questions or need an extra bit of code to make your app just right. However, the aspect of interacting with Chris that I appreciate most is his honesty. For me, there is no one else to work with on app development. Thanks Chris."
Rose Williams

"THANK YOU! Can't believe it. This is exactly the solution we needed, as learning to program was killing us"
Jeremy Burtenshaw

"Not only has Chris developed an extremely helpful template for publishers but his help and support have been invaluable. The Story Book project has been easy to learn and allowed me to get my book published."
Tayllor Johnson

"Just wanted to say thanks, its a great project. I'd been quoted £550 for someone to build the app for me. Now for less than that I've bought a Mac, joined Apple's developer program, bought your code and submitted the app. I can obviously carry on making more apps now too."
Gary Solomon

"Without CodeStore's Comic Book App project, I don't know how else I would have gotten my project onto the App Store. I have zero experience programming, so to think of what I'd have to have gone through without CodeStore is enough to make the skin crawl! I can personally attest to getting help practically instantaneously, every time I have needed it."
Shane Peters

"Purchased the whole package and it was a big help! My first book app is live and starting work on a second! Couldn't be happier!"
B. J. DeLong

"Thanks for all your support Chris. Submitted two apps and recommended you to about 6 people. You rock."
Sean Ajayi

"I want to send you all my appreciation for the template, it is excellent and more than easy to configure. I can tell you that it has taken me 3 days in total to build an app (one day to make all the steps to publish it because I am completely new to Mac computers)"
Mugur Neacsu

  Additional Resources  

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