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The projects available on this site have been used to produce a number of popular book apps available on the App Store. If you're considering using one of the CodeStore projects to bring your book to the App Store then you'll probably want to see the projects in action.

I've compiled a list of apps, and which CodeStore project they were created using. Please note: Some of these apps were produced with previous versions of the projects, so may not have all of the features of the current projects.

  Apps built with projects from CodeStore  

Comic Book App (iOS)


Dragon Alliance HD

  MagickS: Twilight's Edge  

Mini Myths


Dread & Alive #1


Atomic Art


Atomic Mouse




Racket Squad


Yu Boya


Atomic Rabbit

  Badge of Justice  

Racket Squad Lite

Story Book App (iOS)

Cosimo and the Shooting Stars   Наша
Pip and Wuf   Layla - The Girl
Who Found Hope
  Mr Moon
Scaredy Cat   Las aventuras de
la brujita Tatty
  ABCs of the Universe
Rudely Active   Monster In
My Closet
  Zoricho Menu
If You Give A
Liberal A Latte
  One Dead Fish   Lyrebird Park
Bluebird & Coyote   If You Give
A Conservative A Cookie
Latter Day
Saints ABCs
  The Things in
Ted's head
  La Sonrisa
de Cocolila
This is Hugo   SkyPals   Astro Primer
Learn to Pray   Hippie Tree   It's A Beautiful Spring Day
Learn to Pray (Arabic)   Hajj & Umrah   Buenos Vecinos
Wallpaper Quotes
[Free Lite Version]
  Nature Wallpapers HD   雑文集 I
Sedona   Horses of Light   マヨネーズ
Anime Rock & Punk   Al-Wodoo (Arabic)   AstroMasks
AstroProjects   De Vuelta a Casa   The Blues
Where Ideas Are Born   First Day of School   There's Something
in the Bush, Matilda
Grover Bill
and the Geckos
  Hog and Frog  

Farmer Blake and
Sneaky Snake

Coloring Book App (iOS)


Girls Colouring


Boys Colouring


Color Patterns


Nice Princess


Photo Showcase App (iOS)

Wallpaper Reflections   Dubai Travel Gallery   Springtime
Holiday Cards   Abudhabi
Travel Gallery
Cruise Port Guide:
Catalina Island
  Cruise Review:
Silversea Cruises



All the apps to the left were built using the projects available on this site.

If you have a book on the App Store, built using a CodeStore project, let me know and I'll list it on the site.

  Custom Projects  

Not every book app is the same, and you may want an app which is built with your book in mind.

I have a number of variations of the projects available on this site, so if you like the look of one of the projects but would like features added or removed then let me know. I may already have what you're looking for.

Please contact me to discuss a custom version.


"Like the others writing about Chris, I have become quite a fan of his work. His system enables everyone the opportunity to jump into the iPad-app arena with little or no iOS programming experience. On top of that, he is SO HELPFUL when you have questions or need an extra bit of code to make your app just right. However, the aspect of interacting with Chris that I appreciate most is his honesty. For me, there is no one else to work with on app development. Thanks Chris."
Rose Williams

"THANK YOU! Can't believe it. This is exactly the solution we needed, as learning to program was killing us"
Jeremy Burtenshaw

"Not only has Chris developed an extremely helpful template for publishers but his help and support have been invaluable. The Story Book project has been easy to learn and allowed me to get my book published."
Tayllor Johnson

"Just wanted to say thanks, its a great project. I'd been quoted £550 for someone to build the app for me. Now for less than that I've bought a Mac, joined Apple's developer program, bought your code and submitted the app. I can obviously carry on making more apps now too."
Gary Solomon

"Without CodeStore's Comic Book App project, I don't know how else I would have gotten my project onto the App Store. I have zero experience programming, so to think of what I'd have to have gone through without CodeStore is enough to make the skin crawl! I can personally attest to getting help practically instantaneously, every time I have needed it."
Shane Peters

"Purchased the whole package and it was a big help! My first book app is live and starting work on a second! Couldn't be happier!"
B. J. DeLong

"Thanks for all your support Chris. Submitted two apps and recommended you to about 6 people. You rock."
Sean Ajayi

"I want to send you all my appreciation for the template, it is excellent and more than easy to configure. I can tell you that it has taken me 3 days in total to build an app (one day to make all the steps to publish it because I am completely new to Mac computers)"
Mugur Neacsu