With the Story Book App template you can create a picture book app for Android! Very easy to use:

  • Loads pages from image files - simply save your pages as .jpg files and the Story Book App will display them in sequence. (page1.jpg, page2.jpg, page3.jpg, etc)
  • Swipe between pages, or use the menu to jump to any page.
  • Animated page transitions.
  • Supports an unlimited number of pages, example book included.
  • Narration audio (save your files as page2_narrate.mp3, page3_narrate.mp3, etc)
  • Add 'tap sounds' - MP3s which play when the user taps on each page (name them page2_tap.mp3, page3_tap.mp3, page4_tap.mp3, etc)
  • Supports books that read left-to-right or right-to-left.
  • Add an extra layer to your pages with PNG files (eg. popup speech bubbles)
  • Button to link to website or another app from the in-app menu (eg, link to paid app from your free 'lite' app).
  • Compatible with a huge range of phones and tablets running Android 2.3 or above.

Easily create an app to sell on the Google Play Store, Amazon
App Store, or direct through your website.